Friday, October 15, 2010

Current description on the short lived old group

What this blog is about, and a hint as to why I'm no longer doing this on Googlegroups:

"Associated with Ex Nihilo, this Google profile, and associated pages, which are mentioned on this page. Discussing the choices I've made in selecting blogging hosts and other services, and updates when I move or create one of my sites, offered as a courtesy to those who link to me. Exists, in part, because of Yahoo's infamous peanut butter manifesto. You may not join this group, but automatic update notices for it can be had through this Mybloglog community, while it lasts, and from the Feedburner powered services found here. I probably should mention that this group will be going on indefinite hiatus, its place being taken by this little blog, until the Googlegroups team members come back to their senses, and stop sabotaging their own service.You can return to your ring via this post on the Ex Nihilo update blog."

Support for the page and welcome message features will be ending soon, leaving us with a badly outdated service, in an industry in which old is rarely a synonym for beautiful. I wasn't interested in using anything like that, so I relocated.